Save the Planet: Reduce Energy Use at Home

There are probably hundreds of ways you could reduce energy use at home, which makes the process of going green both easy and overwhelming. First of all, where do you start? What materials do you need? Especially in the beginning, you may be looking for easy steps to...

What To Look For When Purchasing a Home

Buying a new home is one of the most costly purchases you will make in your lifetime. And with the amount of money you’ll be spending on a home, it’s vitally important that you pick the house that is perfect for you. Learn what factors you should consider before purchasing a house in the following infographic.

How To Create an Art Deco Inspired Home

If you’re looking for classic style from a bygone age to use to decorate your living spaces, the glamorous Art Deco era of the 1920s and 1930s works wonders in interior design. With its strong colors and bold geometric shapes, you can tailor your style to be as retro or modern as you like.

Top 7 Mansions in the World

Some of the largest homes in the world are obviously owned by the rich and famous. In fact, the most expensive mansions are owned by the top 5% of wealth brackets, whom are usually insanely rich. These mansions typically boast at least seven or more bedrooms and dozens of bathrooms, not to mention massive swimming pools, private movie theaters, and more. In this infographic, takes a look at 7 of the top mansions in the world.

Top Benefits of Artificial Grass

Real grass looks awesome, is great to walk through barefooted and can even cool down your home. However, the downfall is that it takes a lot of hard work to maintain, especially when you have a family, a job, if you’re traveling a lot, or if you just don’t have time.The alternative is to have a non-grass landscaping or utilize artificial (synthetic) grass.

Guide to Upcycling With Pallets

Wood pallets are one of the most fantastic resources an upcycler can get their hands on. The possibilities are almost endless. In this infographic, learn and be inspired as to how people are getting creative with pallets. And oftentimes they are free if you hunt around your local areas.

How Vulnerable Is Your Home Security System

It is always a shock for a homeowner to arrive in their personal sanctuary only to find it ransacked by burglars and precious belongings gone, especially when they have a home security system in place. However, the problems with security systems can occur and yours could be next! To help prevent this from happening to you, you need to take steps to improve your home security and develop a burglar-prevention plan to keep your home safe.

Duct Cleaning: Improve Your Home and Health

87% of American homeowners don’t know that pollution may be worse inside their homes than outside. In fact, indoor air quality is one of the EPA’s top five environmental risks to public health. In this infographic, learn interesting facts about the duct cleaning process, including how it leads to a cleaner home, reduces your energy bill and improves your health.

Empty Nesters? Here Are 10 Killer Remodeling Ideas

Your children have left the nest and all of a sudden you find yourself with extra space. What to do? How about remodeling? If you are having trouble figuring out what to do with the extra space when your kid moves away to college, this infographic provides you 10 solid ideas to get you started.

The Big Picture: Why Buying Beats Renting

Choosing whether to rent or buy a home is not an easy decision to make. Both options offer distinct advantages and disadvantages. For most people, however, the benefits of buying a home far outweigh the costs.