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In addition to hosting Arizona’s longest standing directory of construction and home improvement companies, we offer additional opportunities to feature your business and attract new customers. Additionally we can help you with your local search marketing efforts to which will help you position your business well and attract new customers each and every day.

Featured Ads

Featured Ads are available in any category of the Directory as well as on individual Resource posts. They consist of a single 728X90 Display Ad that appears just above the content and is linked to the web site / page of your choosing. You also have choice of alt and title attribute text for the display ad itself. The display ad is to be supplied by you or if you need assistance in creating one, we can offer design services. Only one Featured Ad will be sold per category and are available on a “first come first serve” basis.

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Sponsor a Category

By default, each category within the directory of Arizona Builders’ Zone features business listings that are arranged alphabetically. There are opportunities with Featured Ads to appear on top of the alphabetically arranged list, but what if you could own the entire first page of any specific category? This is what “Sponsor a Category” does. When you sponsor a category, instead of the first page of a category including an alphabetical list of business listings, your business will be prominently displayed with your own page. The alphabetical business listings that are typically present are moved to a second page. Not only will you “own” the entire real estate of the first page, detailed information about your business will be featured including photos, testimonies, coupons and even video. Each “Sponsor a Category” page is custom designed to fit your company’s style and offerings. This presents you with the very best opportunity to attract users of this site to your business. Learn more about Sponsor a Category.

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Sponsored Resource

A Sponsored Resource allows you can share something that would be considered resourceful to our readers in the Resources section of this site but at the same time, promote your company’s products and/or services. A Sponsored resource can be in the form of an infographic, an educational video or even a resourceful article. Content would need to be more “resourceful and educational” than promotional and would need to be reviewed by our staff prior to approving to publish. It is a great way to “educate and inform” the reader but at the same time put your company in front of them.

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