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Latest Resources

Bathroom Cleaning Hacks

Without a regular cleaning schedule, your bathroom can quickly become the filthiest room in your house, potentially leading to you catching staph, e. coli or some other equally stomach-turning illness. Here is an infographic that showcases some of the best and easiest DIY cleaning hacks for your bathroom.

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Air Conditioning: Interesting Facts, Science & History

There is some interesting history surrounding air conditioning. And it did not begin with begin home comfort. Rather it was invented in order to cool any printing press for professional use. It rapidly become apparent that cooling a house would be another useful purpose for the air conditioner. This infographic features useful and fun information about air conditioning and it’s history.

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Season By Season Landscaping Guide

Here is a visual checklist of landscaping tasks to perform each season to keep your garden and landscape looking great. It is broken down into the four seasons, with each season having individual tasks that should be performed throughout that season.

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How To Display Art In Your Home

Just like your furniture, artwork can immediately change a room’s mood. However, it is not so easy to decide where to display each piece to get best results. Here is an informative infographic that will show you how to display art in your home.

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